Entrepreneur in Residence

Looking for the next big move in your career? We’re a SaaS small product studio looking to hire for an exciting position… Entrepreneur in Residence β€” someone that will help us strategize, build and launch digital products. Sounds intriguing? Read on…

πŸ₯± The TL:DR;


This is one of the most exciting positions we’re looking for. We’re looking for a creator, entrepreneur, indie-hacker to join us in a mission to build, launch and scale small SaaS products. This is the right opportunity for someone that is entrepreneurial at his earth and wants to have the chance to build stuff and scale it to the masses with our www.colorelephant.studio. You’ll head this ColorElephant division and work with our Marketing Manager, our CEO (in a ton of 1-1 collaboration) to create and launch some amazing technology products. Be an entrepreneur β€” within ColorElephant! This is a fully-remote, permanent, full-time position.

πŸ‘‰ This is for you if…

1. You’re looking for a remote, long-term position
2. You’re entrepreneurial β€” always tinkering with ideas and how to execute them;
3. You have a basic knowledge of technology β€” you understand how things are built and what makes great products (UX-wise for eg.) even if you don’t code.
4. You’re curious β€” extremely so! You’re keen to always learn and evolve.
5. You strive in a no-bullshit, get things done culture.
6. You’re passionate for the “marketing” / distribution side of businesses.

Note: You’ll see we never specify stuff like “Be a team player” or “Be dedicated” and stuff like that. That is a base requirement for any position these days, but just know we also like these things people usually ask for: Β motivated, focused, hard-worker that likes to grow and learn more, that works well with others and has a positive attitude 😎

πŸ’ͺ This is even better if…

1. You have experience in building digital products β€” you have some level of background in product management;
2. You speak more languages than just english β€” we want to be international almost from day 1 (after all, we’re remote);
3. You’ve got B2B SaaS experience;
4. You’re a communicator.

πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» What you’ll do

You’ll be responsible to work across our ColorElephant studio products to product manage them (help build them), strategize (how we’ll do it, why) and market them (how can we increase distribution). The role is very flexible by nature but here’s a few things we expect you’ll do:
β€” Work with a team of engineers and designers to take a clear product idea and brief and bring it to life β€” more than “managing the project” you’re a product owner β€” fighting hard for it to be the best version it can;
β€”Β You’ll take over communications for our Studio division (blog, twitter etc) creating a community and making an impression as a brand that advocates for creation, building things and experimenting. That will include publicly sharing our lessons learned.
β€” Work with our CEO and COO as well as other stakeholders on product definition and strategy: think through the best product experience;
β€” Work with Marketing Manager to promote our products in the right channels.
β€” Advocate for our studio division internally;
β€” Be a public representative of our Studio division;
β€” Manage providers and suppliers for our products.
β€” Onboard clients, talk to them and be their advocate
β€” Bring a ton of energy and getting stuff done mentality to the group;

This is basically the chance of building multiple micro-businesses within our business.

πŸ€‘ What is in for you?

– An unique challenge that enables you to grow, while having the opportunity to shape OUR future;
– Insane levels of ownership, independence and responsibility;
– Fast-track to a leadership position within the organization on the project delivery area;
– Competitive salary proposal for position and location;
– Work from anywhere with our remote policy. We know sometimes the best work is done in the beach (or mountain, or… ) πŸ™‚
– Bonuses for performance indicators we’d mutually agree;
– Be part of our profit-sharing program and take a slice of ColorElephant’s collective success, specifically our products;
– Be involved in building products from the ground-up working up-close with engineers, designers and some of the best entrepreneurs and enterprise leads around the world;
– Flexible vacation/days off policy
– Training / Self-Development Yearly Package
– Yearly Bonuses Program
– Paid parental leave / Flexible conditions on return
– Continuous Training (both on site and online)
– Ability to work in complex projects of Fortune500 as well as small companies.
– Contribute with your suggestions and see your feedback and opinion impact products used by millions worldwide
– Be part of a growing team full of talent

Meet Ricardo, your future colleague: