We're a bunch of humans building awesome digital products...

and you can be part of it.

Kickstart or accelerate your international technology career on a fully-remote company where you’ll have ownership of projects end-to-end gaining first hand knowledge of building amazing digital products from the ground up for Fortune500’s and up-and-coming startups. And yes, you get paid to do that 🙌

Stop slightly adjusting pixels and come build web and mobile apps powering today’s companies and tomorrow’s unicorns.

come build technology for world-class companies and up and coming startups


Four Reasons To Join


Remote First? Nah Remote Only.

ColorElephant has been operating as a remote company for over 3 years now (way before covid!). All of our team-members are spread all around the globe. Work from home, a coworking or the beach — up to you.

International Environment

Work with clients from all over the globe. Literally from Hawaii to Sydney and understand different challenges and get exposed to an international reality on a truly international company with team members from 10+ countries.

Insane Levels of Ownership

Stop adjusting pixels — come build products. Get tons of experience and knowledge by working end-to-end in creating entire products or features for real-world products from different industries.

New & Exciting Challenges

Today you can be working on a data-intensive product for one of the world's largest pharma companies, tomorrow you can be helping launch a hot new startup for an accomplished entrepreneur. Push your boundaries and fasttrack your international career.

Open Positions

We are hiring across a variety of roles. Please explore below and apply. 
Think you’d be a good fit but can’t find the right role below? Send a spontaneous application.

Senior Frontend Engineer React/Typescript

Work with leading brands and startups building frontend products that excel

Senior Mobile Engineer React Native

Come build great mobile apps for some of the world's best companies

Senior Ruby Engineer

Come build the future of analytic products and create resilient backend infrastructure.

Senior PHP Engineer — Experience with WordPress

Help us build the next generation of WooCommerce store owner tools.

Senior PHP Engineer — Experience with Data Products

Come build the future of analytic products and create resilient backend infrastructure.

Senior PHP Engineer — Laravel

Create resilient backend services, exposed via REST APIs and help some cool startups grow or take off.

Senior Tech Lead

Help our clients come up with efficient technology solutions and our team become the best version of themselves while delivering kick-ass products

Senior Web/Mobile Project Manager

Work with your team and inspire them to deliver projects on time and budget for global ambitious startups

Product Marketing Manager

Help us scale our SaaS products with full stack marketing skills

Meet Joshua 🇬🇭

Joshua is a React Native engineer at ColorElephant. He has been working to develop a financial planning and forecasting mobile application based on AI for one of the world’s largest pharma companies, working directly with a team from all over Europe. 

A Natively Remote Culture

At ColorElephant we’re not remote by chance or because we had to. We’re remote on purpose.

We believe talent is everywhere and we believe in providing talented, motivated and hard-working individuals with outsized opportunities while enjoying life from where they see fit.

We are all shades of color, come from over 10 countries, speak over 13 languages (and many more accents), have different religions, preferences, and perspectives. Some of us graduated from prestigious universities while others dropped out. Some worked for big corporations, others as one-man freelance shops. In all our diversity, we all share one thing, though: a passion for crafting mobile and web experiences that delight. That is what brought us together. Not geography. 

How we do remote at ColorElephant?

People First

Being remote doesn't change the fact that we're humans. We understand that on the other side of the chat is a person, a colleague and reinforce the need for human-to-human communication.

Special Way to Use Slack

We have specific rules on how we use slack. Each pair has an async channel that people default to. DMs are used for urgencies only. We follow best practices to ensure smooth and effective communication.

Respect Timezones

Not everyone is around at the same time. This means we need to respect timezones and people's availability. No one likes a 2am chat.

Default to Async

We default all of our communication to async. This doesn't mean there aren't meetings, but to protect our productivity and respect different timezones, we default all of our consequential exchanges to async.

Document. Document. Document.

We document things. If it has been said or done more than twice it needs to be written. We understand documentation is a shared brain super power that makes everyone more productive.

When possible, meet

Remote is good, but nothing replaces real human contact IRL. Bar any pandemics (🙄) and we take our team on company wide paid retreats.

No Bullsh*t Hiring Process

We value your time… and frankly ours. 😅 

We care about building a world-class team and therefore we dedicate time to that. We’ll review applications to our open positions weekly — we have a real human (most of the times our CEO!) — look at all applications and get back to you within 10 days. And we move quickly (but strictly) from there too. 

That way you can go on with your life. 


we promise to get back to you on your application within 10 days

Our Values

Everyone that works for ColorElephant must follow, live and breath the values below. If these ring a bell we can’t wait to hear from you.


Everything we do is solution oriented. We don’t raise problems. We understand challenges and research and present solutions. Our work is to add value not charge hours.


We communicate often, clearly and candidly. We provide honest feedback and detail our problems and our solutions. We articulate our thoughts.


We are curious. We try to understand why. We learn more. We’re interested in constantly evolving and in learning new things.


We care about our clients. We care about each other. We take time to understand each other needs and desires. We care about the quality of the work we deliver and put the effort.


We’re agile. We ship stuff, we make things, we find ways to be more efficient and productive. And we adapt, we evolve.

Team Sports

We know this is a team sports. There’s no politics, no back-stabbing. This is the place to work with others and build great stuff. Together.


We celebrate success. Our own, that of our colleagues, our partners or our clients. We’re genuinely happy, individually and as a group, when someone succeeds.


We understand life needs a balance. We work, but we play. We put all in, but we rest. We know we need our best self to deliver our best work. 


Nothing is possible without fun. We share successes and laugh with each other.

Love What You Do

We love what we do. We’re passionate. When we’re doing our craft we’re on our happy place. 

Meet Gaurav 🇮🇳

Gaurav is a PHP developer that has been with ColorElephant for 4+ years. His latest project involved real-time synchronisation of inventory from 12+ physical retailers including developing an algorithm to match products across. The system supports millions of queries per hour and is currently powering one of Europe’s biggest fashion e-commerce websites.


We know perks aren’t everything, but they’re still part of the package. No matter where you are in the world, you can count on:

Competitive salary for your location and experience/skills.

Work from anywhere in the globe.

Profit-sharing Program

Flexible vacation/days off policy

Yearly budget for self-development and training

Continuous Training

The tools you need to get stuff done

Travel to attend client workshops and team retreats abroad.

Meet Tiago 🇵🇹

Tiago is ColorElephant’s oldest employee, having been “carrying the elephant” for over 5 years. He has overseen large-scale development projects for world-leading brands and has a pivotal role in ensuring our projects run smoothly, while providing insights to our clients. 

What is like to work at ColorElephant?

We’re not Google or Facebook. We know that. But we provide ambitious, eager-to-learn engineers with unique opportunities to work on international, large-scale needle-moving projects having insane levels of ownership.  We can promise one thing: you won’t be freaking adjusting pixels. You’ll have ownership (and with that, responsibility) to develop entire functionalities and products. You’ll face challenges and f_ck up, and we’ll clean it together and learn. You’ll have a close-knit team without politics, “power wars” and bullshit. Here’s what matters for us: delivery with quality, self-improvement and support of others. If you do that, you’ll have tons of opportunities here — to grow, to learn, to take additional responsibility, to be exposed to unique international projects and people.


We work with two models. One of them is a client assignment. This means you'll work directly with a client's team, embedded in their team, helping to bring a project to life. We always make sure our engineers aren't allocated to 'minor' tasks but rather have key responsibilities in building features (or sometimes the entire products).

This is a great opportunity to be involved in different cultures and fast-growing technology projects with the opportunity to work directly with clients and learn from them building up your network.

Internal Projects

In the second model, you work as part of an internal (ColorElephant-only) team to deliver a project working alongside your Internal Project manager and team fellow colleagues. These are usually large projects for both startups and big corporations. You'll learn how to architect and develop a large-scale digital project and be involved in it from start to finish.

This is a great opportunity to work with others on our team, learn up close the ins and outs of building digital products in a supportive environment with international projects.


Here are a few questions people usually ask us. Have another one? [email protected]

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